Outsourcing the labor-intensive aspect of facilities management is the key to maximizing an organization’s productivity and efficiency. The search for premier custodial functions, however, has become a futile quest for cost efficiency, tedious recruitment standards, extensive training requirements, and compliance to various health and safety regulations.
To demonstrate our industry-leading service expertise, we are committed to bring to your facilities:

  • Proactive Personnel: Our highly skilled employees will ensure that safety-specific methods are thoroughly implemented. They will be responsive to the needs of your employees, site visitors, and all facility users.
  • Exemplary Supervision: Our highly qualified supervisory team will seamlessly coordinate labor schedules, materials, and resources to ensure that your facilities are consistently maintained in peak condition while ensuring non-intrusiveness of all custodial functions.
  • Industry leading quality control: Regular inspection of your facilities and feedback from your employees will enable us to exceed service standards and industry benchmarks.
  • Service improvements: Our quest for service excellence is a never-ending process. We believe that there is always a way of doing things better.

Significant elements of our Quality Assurance Program include:

  • Professional Custodians
  • Continuous Employee Training
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Environment-friendly Cleaning Products
  • Safety as a Core Emphasis in Operations
  • Proactive Operating Procedures
  • Customer Feedback Program

We utilize industry-leading metrics to gauge our performance and constantly improve the quality of our cleaning services. We tailor a client-specific quality assurance program to measure service levels and quality standards.


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